Friday, June 25, 2004

Republican hypocrisy: New twists and turns in Jack Ryan prurient turmoil 

Oddly, none of the Republicans seem to be mentioning the word "consensual." (back). Maybe they don't understand what the word means? Given their approach to democracy ("consent of the governed") that seems quite likely.

Anyhow, amid all the heartburning, it looks like Hastert is preparing to give Ryan the old heave-ho.

One Republican official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told The Associated Press that Hastert agreed with fellow Illinois Republicans that Ryan should step down. Another source said on condition of anonymity that Ryan's campaign intended to conduct a poll to gauge whether the campaign was salvageable.

But Fitzgerald said Friday that he had encouraged Ryan to stay in the race, calling the response to the scandal "grotesque."

"I told him that it troubled me greatly that so many party leaders who had no trouble stomaching years and years of corruption and insider deals and scandals under George Ryan were now lining up to throw stones at Jack (no relation to George Ryan)," Fitzgerald said.

"I think the public stoning of Jack Ryan is one of the most grotesque things I've seen in politics," he said.
(via AP)

Oh, dear me. Surely not more "grotesque" than spending $70 million to impeach an elected President over a consensual blowjob, as part of a slow-moving coup that ended up seizing control of the government. Surely not as grotesque as that!

The word here is, of course, schadenfreude. But really, isn't it just too rich? The Republicans run on the idea that they should be elected to public office on the basis of private virtues, and then whine and howl when the private virtues they claim turn out to be fake. (Examples are, at this point, really too numerous to mention, but Limbaugh, Bennett, Gingrich, Livingston, and Haster's fellow Illinois Republican Henry "Youthful Indiscretion" Hyde come at once to mind.)

And the beauty part of it all is, that Ryan is right. Taking your wife to a sex club isn't illegal; and trying "to pressure her to perform sex acts while others watch" isn't prohibited by the Ten Commandments—at least not if you "parse the words." Heh. Juan Cole (back) absolutely has the right of it.

So, we get to see the Illinois Republicans immolate themselves as they pander to their base, trash their own candidate when, by all logic, he's right, and write IOKIYAR in letters a mile high as they try to defend Ryan. And best of all, it's all happening in a "leaner" state (see here) that Democrats must win.

Pass the popcorn!

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